It’s not very often that the stars align with a job quite like this one. They say it takes a village to raise a child, a beautiful garden is much the same. It takes a team of people to raise a beautiful garden that seamlessly connects with a home.

In this particular case it all starts with a gracious and clever client, Billy Innes. Billy happens to be very well-credentialed in all things design. An Interior Designer by trade, with an Architect for a father, and a passion for gardening, lead to a home that frames the garden from every aspect. Layer the line-up with a mate who is a Landscape Architect, an exceptionally precise Builder, along with the Peninsula’s best pool company, underpinned by our detail focussed Landscaping team, and you have a dream job, put together by a dream team.

A beautifully designed home inside and out, with great consideration to given to each and every aspect of the build. A job we feel very lucky to be involved with.


Location: Flinders, VIC.

Architect: Micheal Innes

Design: Billy Innes

Landscape Architect: Kate Patterson of KPLA

Build: Bernie Everett Building

Pool: East Coast Swimming Pools

Landscape Construction: Real Earth Developments

Photographer: Marnie Hawson