This was a particularly beautiful garden to work on.  An old and established garden, with some magnificent existing trees, along with a walled garden, in need of love and repair.

But better still, a client who is both a keen and passionate gardener; our favourite type of client.

Working alongside Kate Seddon,  the Ocean View garden demonstrates a garden of great depth and interest; subtle level changes, winding pathways, with hard landscaping elements that have both sensitivity and purpose, all alongside a stunning plant selection.

The varied construction elements with a sophisticated mash of design detail make it a garden to immense yourself in; the quirky garden nooks for privacy and contemplation, along with impressive wide-open spaces for entertaining, it is a garden that will deliver enjoyment for years to come.


Location:  Red HIll, VIC.

Landscape Designer: Kate Seddon Landscape Design.

Landscape Construction: Real Earth Developments.

Photography: Will Salter.

Photography:  Simon Griffiths.