Building an Eckerserly Garden is always a treat.  Their sympathetic approach to the natural site levels, their skill with garden flow, creating pockets of intimacy along with bigger wow-moments is always engaging to build.  And the gentle hand they always use, what they keep, what they work with, the subtle art of not over-designing a garden.

This beautiful coastal garden demonstrates a genuine sincerity with the site, the retaining of the long-established Ti-Tree and Moonah trees and the natural undulation of the land, softening the hard construction elements. The clever design of multiple intimate garden areas as the natural ground level changes. Using a combination of native planting, timber and steel edged gravel paths to accent the levels.  Simple step execution using honest materials of steel risers and gravel to fill the treads. Timber Cypress posts act as sculptural hand rails whilst visually demonstrating level change. Understated stone paving areas to serve a flat surface function rather than metres of hard surfaces.


Materials and plants we love to work with, with a landscape design we loved working on.


Location:  Sorrento, VIC.


Landscape Architect: Eckersely Garden Design

Build: Bartlett Architectural Construction

Landscape Construction: Real Earth Developments

Photographer: Garth Oriander