The native species of the Sorrento area are by far our favourites, especially the Moonah.  This hilly garden in Sorrento is covered in this fine species, beautifully gnarled trunks, the perfect pale grey, with black knots twisting and gouging the limbs of this ancient looking form. The Moonah’s give a sense of place to this beachside address and are the stunning anchor of this beautiful garden.


The front garden is startling in its steepness. The home perched high on the block, it is jaw-droppingly steep. A challenge that needed to be tackled with clever retaining, that was sympathetic to the native Moonah’s, practical to use, so it felt like a walk, not a climb, and provisioned for generous introduced planting.


A cantilevered carport was planted in lush varieties, with structured leaf forms to counter-balance existing native plantings of Poa, Westringia and


The back garden is a delight, with all the trimmings; a pool, decking, in-ground trampoline and outdoor shower. All of these elements are shaped around and inserted seamlessly around the existing Moonah’s. Steel edged curves with perfectly trimmed grass surround the ancient forms, bunched at their base with thick plantings of Poa. Opposite styles working together to find balance.


By far one of our favourite gardens. Lovingly looked after. Whenever we visit we always leave wishing we lived on this side of the coast.


Location:  Sorrento, VIC

Build: Bartlett Architectural Construction

Landscape Construction: Real Earth Developments

Photographer: Marnie Hawson